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Sometimes, we cannot answer all your queries immediately, in order to quickly get a response, we have compiled questions normally asked us and we try to answer them as best we can. However, if you still need to ask us questions not stated here, you may use the contact forms under the Contact Us option. All about Franchising

Franchising is a method employed to quickly start a business. A potential franchisee applies for a license from a Franchisor to utilize it's brand, design and system. By taking on a franchise, the franchisee becomes a partner of the Franchisor in terms of helping build the brand. "Franchising is a method of doing business wherein a franchisor licenses trademarks and tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring payment, and usually a percentage piece of gross sales or gross profits as well as the annual fees. Various tangibles and intangibles such as national or international advertising, training.and other support services are commonly made available by thefranchisor, and may indeed be required by the franchisor, whichgenerally requires audited books,and may subject the franchisee or the outlet to periodic and surprisespot checks. Failure of such tests typically involve non-renewal orcancellation of franchise rights. A business operated under a franchise arrangement is often called a chain store, franchise outlet, or simply franchise." (courtesy of Wikipedia )
Franchising is not buying a business and leaving the franchisor to manage the business. Franchising requires the franchisee to fully manage the venture. Franchising does not guarantee success. Although, franchising gives the franchisee the advantage of having a reputable brand as a business, like any kind of business venture, it is not a guarantee of success. Success of any business venture is dependent on a lot of factors such as the environment, economy, management of the venture, etc. Franchising is not a quick-rich scheme. Franchising is a legitimate method of building a business and should not be considered as an "easy-money" venture.
If you are not so well-versed in starting and operating a business, Franchising provides a good alternative to jump start your business. Franchisors have invested on their system, training and building the brand. Franchising also has the advantage of starting a business with a trusted and known brand.
No, all Franchisors have different offerings and systems. The potential franchisee should do their own research and compare franchise providers before delving into franchising.

The following list are some questions to ask a franchisor to evaluate a potential franchise.

Disclaimer: This list is not the only list to follow, but it may be used as a guideline.

  1. What is the track record of the company? A mature company would be a good indicator of stability and consistency.
  2. What are the products of the company? It is good to know the products of the company for familiarity in the market.
  3. How long is the market "shelf life" of the product? A good product should be able to withstand the test of time, and not just be the "flavor of the month" product.
  4. What kind of support can the company provide for the franchisee? A good Back-end support is very important as a good Front-end can be supported only by a good Back-End.
  5. What kind of investment am I to commit? Investment does not only entail money, but how much effort and time, are you willing to invest to the franchise.
  6. What kind of returns should I expect? This is very hard to quantify and is very subjective. In general, you can compare your leaving your money in the bank for the same period and computing how much interest you will earn, now compare that with placing your money in a business and projecting how much you can earn for the same period.
  7. Are their risks to getting a franchise? Yes, there are always risks in business, but with a franchise you improve the odds of success by investing in an established and trusted brand.

Hen Lin has been in the business of providing good, quality food for more than 35 years. We have over 200 stores operating within the metropolis and nearby provinces. We have been awarded numerously including the Agora Award and the Entrepreneur of the Year award for excellence.

We have also invested heavily on our commisary and training facilities to ensure good, quality food consistency through out the whole chain. We are constantly improving ourselves, and are still employing new technologies to improve our business strategy.

  1. Established Brand with over 35 years experience
  2. Trusted by generations of Filipinos since 1983
  3. The first HACCP certified Siomai and Siopao in the Philippines
  4. Overall quality of product is a priority
  5. Customer satisfaction is top priority
  6. Products provide value of money for customers
  7. Reasonable capital investment
  8. Site Evaluation
  9. Strategic store planning
  10. Operation and support
  11. Human resources training and development
  12. Centralized purchasing and distribution
  13. Design, construction and technical support
  14. Opening and monitoring support
No, prospective franchisees should provide and negotiate for their prospective location. Our team will assist in evaluating the feasibility of the site before a franchise is awarded.

Location, Location, Location! It can't be emphasized, the importance of choosing a site. The location might make or break any kind of business. Although, a lot of factors go into choosing a location, in our experience, the following are some key points in choosing a location for Hen Lin:

  1. Condition of the mall and/or building
  2. Volume traffic area, pedestrian and/or vehicular
  3. Purchasing capacity of immediate area
  4. Proximity of parking spaces
  5. Number of parking spaces
  6. Leasing conditions in prospective sites
  7. Cleanliness of surroundings
  8. Accessibility by pedestrians
  9. Accessibility by vehicles
  10. Exact location within the building and/or mall
  11. Airconditioning conditions of the building
  12. Lighting conditions of the building
  13. Exhaust conditions of the building
  14. Pedestrian type in key area

In evaluating a location, it is incumbent upon the potential entrepreneur to do its own research and develop their own feasibility study.

Total investment differs for every store. We treat each store independently from each other, so it is difficult to give a single figure as total investment. If you want to know more, please contact us through our Franchise Inquiry Form.
Return on investment differs for every store, as these are affected by many factors. If you want to know more, please contact us through our Franchise Inquiry Form.
No, getting a franchise is not a guarantee of success. As in most businesses, success is dependent on a lot of factors such as but not limited to location, management, personnel, customers, products, market forces, etc.
We can only guarantee the quality of our products, the resilience of our brand, and the support of our franchisees as our partners during the course of the Franchise Agreement.
After being awarded with a Franchise, a Franchisee is responsible for the overall management of his or her business. This includes but is not limited to the management of the overall operations, hiring of personnel, and control of inventory.
The Franchisee is also bound by the Franchise Agreement to uphold all the provisions within the contract to promote and protect the Hen Lin brand.

Great! Write us a Letter of Intent and send it to

Franchise Opportunity
Franchise and Business Development
M&H Food Corporation
M&H Building, Dona Irenea Avenue
Sucat, Paranaque 1719
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To hasten the evaluation of your application, please include the following information in your Letter of Intent

  1. Exact Location of prospective site
  2. Location map of prospective site
  3. A photograph of the prospective site (if possible)
  4. Brief description of surrounding area
  5. Brief overview of why you think this will be a good location for Hen Lin
  6. Tell us something about yourself

You may also use our online Franchise Inquiry Form.