Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Reseller

Sometimes, we cannot answer all your queries immediately, in order to quickly get a response, we have compiled questions normally asked us and we try to answer them as best we can. However, if you still need to ask us questions not stated here, you may use the contact forms under the Contact Us option.

    The Reseller Program was developed by Hen Lin to help individuals earn extra income from their homes by selling Hen Lin products.

    The Reseller Program allows an individual to sell frozen products from their homes.

    In contrast, a Franchisee is allowed to setup a full blown store in a commercial establishments. At the same time, a Franchisee is automatically a reseller with all the benefits of a Reseller. A Franchisee as a Distributor also has the privilege to recruit a limited number of Resellers as part of their Franchise.

    Being a reseller allows you to legally sell Hen Lin products, and will part of our distribution network. Reseller requirements are much simpler, with overhead costs much lower since you are operating from your own home.

    As the program is designed for a home based business, as reseller, you are limited to sell only from your own home. You are also limited to sell only frozen Hen Lin products, therefore simplifying your operations.

    No, as the Reseller Program is designed for individuals who wish to use their homes to earn extra income, a reseller as part of the Reseller Agreement is not allowed to sell Hen Lin products in any commercial establishments such as but not limited to canteens, sari-sari stores, convenience stores, etc.

    If you wish to sell Hen Lin products in a commercial setting, you may want to look at our Franchise Program

    A Distributor may be an official Hen Lin Franchisee or the Head Office. So your Distributor will be dependent on the Reseller Agreement. However, in all cases, an approved reseller will be recognized and supported by Hen Lin head office.

    You may refer your friend either to your Distributor or directly to us. You may be entitled to a one-time referral bonus if you're applicant is approved.

    Great! You may also use our online Reseller Application Form.