Hen Lin's Pork Siomai

A Filipino favorite, the Hen Lin Pork Siomai is a mixture of ground pork and shrimp, among others, and wrapped in wonton wrappers. Steamed or fried, pork siomai is dipped in soy sauce and squeezed calamansi (local lime), and perfectly combined with our Special Chili Sauce.

Over the years, Hen Lin has been favoured because of one single product, the Siomai. Hen Lin has brought the once exclusive dimsum product and made it available to everyone. This was decades ago, now the Hen Lin Siomai is still considered one of the finest in the industry and has a following that has reached generation to generation. This was made possible because of the commitment that Hen Lin has made from the very beginning to produce excellent quality products at an affordable price.

In addition to producing great tasting products, Hen Lin is committed to making high quality products. The Hen Lin Pork Siomai has been awarded a HACCP certification, a certification that puts the Hen Lin Siomai world-class in its quality.

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