Manila's Famous Hopia

Hopia is a popular Filipino bean filled pastry originally introduced by early Chinese settlers during the American period.  It is traditionally made of flaky puff pastry and filled with a paste of mung beans.  Other fillings have since been introduced like the purple yam or Ube.  Traditionally, the pastry of the hopia has been flaky, but in recent years a new variant has emerged with an exterior pastry that is more cake dough in texture rather than the flaky puff pastry dough.

Hen Lin, popular for its choice of dimsum has revived the tradition of the flaky hopia and has introduced to the market, Manila's Famous Hopia.  There are three (3) flavors, Monggo, Ube and Pork.  These are available in Pasalubong Boxes with 6 packs of Hopia of your choice, perfect pasalubong to family and friends.  You may find them in most Hen Lin stores near you. 

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